I see,said C...

Mr C Mole came to visit yesterday bringing with him a lovely movie..a very important one he told us..So we all could see what he sees..without glasses..

I am sure,said C,that on the way overhere I saw two easter bunnies hiding eggs.....
-Not possible, twittered Miss Moussie...there's always just ONE..the One and ONLY Easter bunny on the whole wide world..I happen to know him well..
-You do,croaked Gustave curious..where did you two meet...
-In the garden last year...when he was searching for eggs..
-Searching? I think you ment to say HIDING...said Elvira..
-I'm afraid the Easter bunny is getting old my dear...twittered Miss Moussie ,he didn't seem to remember if he already did hide his eggs in our garden,so he came back to check..and to be sure, he had to surch for eggs first..to know if he had to go and start over hiding them again..
-Elvira and Gustave looked at each other ..puzzled...what did she just say..

AHAA...said Mr C..and nodded his head in understandment...I SEE.

Art ..Mr Mole enjoying Spring..Arthur Rackham.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning to you dearest! Oh....the Easter Bunny is indeed growing old in his physical form, but never in his spirit! Little Miss M., I am experiencing the same dilemma as the Easter Bunny; our eyes are failing us, and we both are unable to locate our spectacles ONLY TO FIND OUT THEY ARE ON OUR FACES!!! The EB has already been by this way and has delivered his cheer--the joy of knowing life will continue on into eternity and that WE ALL will live together in harmony! Now isn't that a great deal, Miss. M.? Come to Tout ce qui brille in a couple of minutes; there is something there for Miss M.


Jacqueline said...

Happy Easter morn to dear Dutchess and wee friendly friends!
Dearest Miss M. YOU have it right. Nobody has dared to mention that the Easter Bunny is getting very old. Perhaps a little wee bit of dementia setting in. I love the way you tell us his story and excuse his behavior. We shall all band together today and help the poor fellow and deliver the eggs. You lead the way Miss M. and I'm sure, all will follow.
Oh yes, dear Dutch, please send your mailing address to my email at Matthew1039amen@yahoo.com. I have a little ditty to put in the mailbox for you!

GrandmaK said...

Delightful story. I know how the Easter bunny feels...I have days like this!!! Happy Easter to you!!! Cathy

Jeri Landers said...

Dear Miss Moussie, Would you be so kind as to relay a message to Old Man Easter Rabbit? (No disrespect intended) We would be most pleased to help him disperse his Eggy Bounty next year, and perhaps keep him on track as to whether or not he has already done so. We have been practicing for many years the fine art of EGG HIDING. Thank you so much for your consideration! Yours Truly, Hopalongs, Fuzzyfoots, Bunwinkies and Whiskerkins


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