Said the Robin to the Easter bunny..

-Are you done hiding eggs yet..
-I hope so....there arn't any eggs left so I think I did a good job...with a little help from my wife that is...Miss's Hunny Bunny...
-Can you recall where you put the golden egg this time...we still didn't find it..

-Even if I did I wouldn't tell you dear Robin..You have to ask Elvira..she did help me hide the eggs last year..she knows all the secret little hiding places in the garden..
-Good idea ,I'll do that..and O by the way, dear friend bunny..there is a message I have to give you...its from Hopalongs and Bunwinkies!!
They kindly let you know that next Easter they will come and help you...They love you dearly and would be very proud if they could be of some assistance...
-This is ever so kind...tell this dear woodland creatures I would love to be in their company..better yet..I will go and tell them myself...could you lead the way..
-Just follow me ..said the Robin..they will be happy to meet you...and while we are on the way we could also stop by Tommy's place...and maybe the three Ginger cats.... ..lets relax for a while..have a chat and a stroll in the Easter sunshine...

And there they went ,the Robin and the Easter bunny..hopping along the bunny trail..

Art~Charles Whymper.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Mr. Bunny and Mr. Robin, what a lovely friendship you have! I see that you are both busy going about your business and you are bringing charm to each garden across the ocean from me and to my garden as well! Please Mr. Bunny, bring us a golden egg as well! We shall cherish it always....and come to Nowhere! We need spring to blossom in Nowhere as well! Bisous! Anita

Jeri Landers said...

Oh thank you ever so much for delivering our message to the Easter Bunny! We are exceedingly excited to meet him in person,,,, at last! with love, Hopalongs and Bunwinkies

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh my goodness! Where could that golden egg be? I know between the two of you, you will find it. So good to have a friend to hop along the bunny trail..
I am going to hop on over to your friends house.
Bless you lttle ones!

Anonymous said...

oh what a beautiful tale :o)
i would very much like to thank dear miss moussie for her invitation to tea, i have brought some little fairy cakes for her and her friends to share xxx


Jacqueline said...

I want to follow you down the bunny trail. What adventures we'd have and maybe we could even go down the rabbit hole to Nowhere!


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