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The Dutchess and the Falcon

Great titel for a post don't you think..

Well,there was a big surprise in the garden today..THE FALCON is back..
Last night we were sitting in the garden...and we heard him...I believe falcon's hunt at night..he hoovered over the garden and he made this very beautiful sound..like a cry..He came back a few times and then disappeared in the darkness..

BUT...this morning he was back...sitting on top of the roof..looking at me when I walked into the garden..amazing..Wonder where he came from..and why he's back.
I asked him to sit still so I could make a picture but this wasn't a succes..I will keep trying ..but this is how he or she looks like...


Anna said...

mooie titel...tja the dutchess and the falcon horen een beetje bij elkaar!!!
toen we hier pas woonden, liep ik 'smorgens naar achteren en zag op de pergola een torenvalkje zitten, met de rug naar mij toe...ik ben heel stil blijven staan kijken tot hij mij in de gaten had en vloog toen weg, sindsdien heb ik 'm niet meer gezien....jammer ze zijn zo ontzettend mooi!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear Dutchess!!! WOW! What an encounter of the mysterious and enchanting kind! He has come back for more...hmmmm....batten down the hatches and keep Miss M. under surveillance! Falcons love little darling mice! He or she is absolutely gorgeous....nature is my getaway!!!! LOVE TO ALL and keep up posted on THE DUTCHESS AND THE FALCON...a most wonderful title for a great summer read!

Bisous, Anita

Jackie said...

Great wisdom likely has graced those wings. However, it must be a major decision to roll out the welcome mat or ask him to stay his distance. Miss M. may shake in her boots at the very sight of him!

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Miss Moussie,

My children and I love your blog! We spent hours looking through it, and had so much fun.


Marqueta and family

GrandmaK said...

Hoping you get that picture! Falcons soar with such beauty! How lucky for you! Cathy

Rattus Scribus said...

Dear Dutchess,

It is so good to have you back. We miss you in Nowhere.

So glad you enjoyed our show. Could have been a disaster, but the show must go on and did, to the delight of all for 42 straight weeks (even if the original story line was, shall we say, improvised).

I remain your devoted friend.

Tea Rat


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