For ever and ever..

-I love it when all the stars come out..
-Because then you just have to sit and waite until one of them is going to fall.
-Yes...fall from the sky,and then you get to make a wish..
-A wish..!
-Yes..I know what I am going to wish for..but I'm not going to tell you..
-You're not...!
-No...because then it won't come true..
-O..then I'm not going to tell you eather, because I want us to be together for ever and ever...
-Me too...


Anna said...

prachtig wat heb je toch altijd leuke ideeen/ verhalen....
heb je mijn blog een der laatste dagen al eens bezocht? ik heb ook een wens die uitgekomen is....


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

T*H*I*S I*S Magical beyond my heart. Only you dearest, can make Mozes real. All other bears pale in comparison, including my renditions! You have a heart not of gold, but of platinum, an even more precious element. Bless you forever and ever....Anita

Jackie said...

The sweetest peek ever of a true love story in the making!
Thinking of you when the stars come out tonight!
Sending goodness and love to you by the truck full!
Cheers to a great day!
~me and Gretta~

Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

Anita is right Duchess, this is the sweetest thing i saw today. And it feels so good to be embraced by this childhood magic again - thank you so much!


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