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B and B..

Sunday morning....about seven..in the bedroom of the Dutchess..way up from the chandelier..Itsy Bitsy dangled down towards the pillow where the Dutchess's head was resting in slumber..

The Dutchess opened her eyes slowly..as if she knew there was someone in the room watching her...and she saw Itsy Bitsy hanging there..

-Goodness,what are you doing, the Dutchess said surprised...are you sneaking up on me ...tell me WHY..little Itsy Bitsy..you..silly spider you...!
-Beg your pardon, whispered Itsy Bitsy...ssst,I don't want to wake you up..
-But I AM awake Itsy B....and its a good thing spiders don't frighten me...I could have screamed you away..
-O well that's OK..said Itsy..I'm not easily blown away..I love a good scream...all spiders do...
-You know I'm not going to scream one itsy bitsy bit..you know that..so please tell me what you are doing here this early on a Sunday morning...
-I have the most marvellous news dear Dutchess...and I just couldn't wait to tell you..
-Then tell me dearest Itsy ..and then I can try getting back to sleep..Wait, I'll sit up first....
The Dutchess fluffed up her pillow ...checked the rollers in her hair..and said..-Go ahead I'm listening..
Itsy Bitsy lowered herself some more..she was now dangling in front of the Dutchess's eyes...she took a deep breath and whispered secretly..
-There is going to be a marriage..!
-Is that all...I knew that...you mean B&B are going to get married..they are saying that for months now..its OLD NEWS..
-No No..its NEW news...Itsy now dangled frantically up and down...-They set a date...they are going to be married on Valentines day..!
-They ARE...are you absolutely sure...and please hang still..I'm getting dizzy..
-I am ABSOLUTELY sure ,said Itsy now hanging absolutely still..-I overheard them yesterday when I was minding my own business hanging on a thread in their cuckoo clock..
-I believe you have no business hanging out in their cuckoo clock Itsy...you are always hanging out in places where you're not supposed to be..
-So sorry..but I can't help myself..its the element of surprise said Itsy..with a very naughty smile on her little spider face..-I'll do anything for a good scream...and you should of heard B&B scream....the best scream I've heard in a long time...

Well...dear reader and friend..now we know....a marriage on Valentines day..don't miss it...


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

What grand news this is Itsy Bitsy!
A wedding for Valentines day. I am so glad you passed this news on to Dutchess and not me.. For I am very afraid of spiders.. I will mark my calendar.. I do not want to miss this.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YIPEEEE! A WEDDING, UNA BODA, UNE FÊTE DE MARIAGE!!!! Oh dear, I am here trying to figure out who B and B are....Do you know that it will be 31 years this Valentine's Day that Ruben and I met? YEP! AT CHURCH!

Oh, I love Itsy Bitsy...she is darling! And I too am not afraid of spiders. Butterflies, YES! I know, I know, BIZARRE! But I have a fear of Butterflies. I have a pal who is afraid of clowns....go figure that one!

I WILL BE HERE EVEN BEFORE THE WEDDING! WHat shall I bring to the feast???

Oh so sweet dearest, Nita

Jacqueline said...

Oh, this post is magical. I love that little spider in the clock. And a wedding, I'll be there. Perhaps I can bring a gnome as a guest!


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