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Fuss in the Fog...

After the visit of Itsy B..the Dutchess couldn't get back to sleep again..she was tossing and turning in her bed.

-I suppose I better get up,she said to herself...I have to go see Miss Moussie and tell her about the wedding..I wouldn't want her to hear this news from anybody else but me. And then she can pretend SHE was the FIRST one to know...she is very sensitive about these things..And O my goodness what a commotion this will give in the garden...

Quickly the Dutchess jumped out of bed ..went downstairs..grabbed her coat and scarf..and went out into the garden..
Its was still very early...a cold and misty day..with a drizzling rain.
Wisps of mist tried to hide Miss Moussie houssie from our Dutchess's eyes ,but the dutchess walked the garden path so many times she could find Miss Moussie's house blindfolded..

Standing still under the big old oak tree the Dutchess looked up...there the little house was..hanging in the tree,almost disappearing in the fog..
When she reached out her hand and stood on her toes the Dutchess could knock on the little houssies door...she knocked..and knocked............and knocked.....!
There....one of the curtains at the little window shifted....a moussie's nose peeked through the glass!

-Dearest...whispered the Dutchess ,whilst she was waving her arms....dearest...open your window..I have very important news..
There she saw Miss Moussie face...she smiled..and waved back.....
-Open...OPEN the window dearest....there is NEWS!!!
Now Miss Moussie looked puzzled...then curious...these two expressions always followed each other in that order..
The window opened..

-What are you doing there ....squeaked Miss Moussie...and in this weather..I can hardly see you in this misty drizzle..why the early fuss in this fog...what's so important..
-Listen..said the Dutchess..listen...and there standing under the tree she delivered Miss Moussie the new news about the wedding....

Then Miss Moussies face changed again..from curiosity to a state of panic...and BANG..she flung the window shut....
Two seconds later she opened the door...in her pink ruffled nightgown...squeaking..O my Goodness...soooooo much to do in sooooooo little time..but don't you worry dear..I can handle it..

Minutes later the fuss was complete...Miss Moussie woke up everybody.....squeaking her little head of....

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Angelsdoor * Penny said...

What grand news for you to hear first thing in the morning Miss Moussie.. You will have much to do...A wedding you say dear Dutchess? Do tell!

Jacqueline said...

I love the line...why the early fuss in this fog. You have a way of writing that just simply delights the reader.

I'm all for valentines marriages. Twas I that married my two pom dogs on Halloween. And they are happily living ever after. They act like two old married souls.

Dear Miss M. in her fluffy nightware...I can picture it as plain as day!

Love sent from my corner of Washington State to you my dear.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OHHHHH!!!! I AM HERE, I AM HERE with my fellow Nowherians....BEAU AND BELLE? O.K., now this is a new one....I will be there with BELLS ON! And may Tea and Rattus come to this fĂȘte? DO TELL MORE! YOU LEFT US WITH A CLIFF HANGER! You marvelous story-teller, you!!!!! Nita

Jacqueline said...

Came back to read this again...I love that little house and that little nose on the window pane. Tis fun to hear that Dutchess and Miss M. have a little gossip session to their hearts delight!

I saw that you said Hi to me on facebook but I could not click on that darn window box to talk back to you. I felt your heart however and was glad indeed.

Love sent!


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