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There are places on this earth.. Chapter One.

There are places on this earth where it's peaceful..where trees have been slumbering for ages..and forests are old as time. I know such a place...and if you let me I will take you there..in a story, which I'm about to tell you now.
 I will choose my words carefully, so you can listen, and memorize, this to tribute the creatures who will surely come alive in this saga, and, like they told me secretly, will never leave you..They will be there to give you strength...courage..hope..and stay with you, by your side and in your heart for ever and ever....or, as long as you need them to .
 They promised to also make you smile..because a smile is one of the most beautiful things human eyes can behold....it's like a sunrise!
 And with a sunrise this adventure begins..

What color would you like the sunrise to be...picture it..in your mind's eye.!.
Then ,let the light slowly caress the treetops...to wake up the birds.
The birds are always first to rise..Did you know  it's the older birds that rise sooner than the young..Yes, the young may be bold and sitting in the top of the highest tree, but it's always the wise and elderly who sing the sunrise song...I think it's because they know that there is no time to waste.. life is short!

Through a veil of mist the sun now reaches the hedgerows..dewdrops are catching rays of light and create rainbow mirrors..this to please the little creatures living there,in the undergrowth.

Slowly the light is crawling through the grass...entering rabbit holes and revealing fluffy bunny ears...
One very bright and strong ray of sunlight creeps into a jungle of ferns...then, stays there for a second, like it's wondering to get out..or maybe still continue in this wilderness..But like the saying goes - it has to be dark to see the light- motivates this little ray to carry on...And behold....his light went shining straight through the ferns...only to show that behind this green cascade of leaves there was an entrance of yet another dark matter..

Now, the light, very curious and determent to explore, made his way into the blackness..searched, found, and touched something..and this THING responded.....with a sneeze...!

The morning sunrise had just landed in a bears den, and tickled a bears nose...

After the sneeze...which created a breeze in the leaves....there was silence in the den...

 The bear then growled, with a gloomy dark brown voice...
-Go away....!
-Go away I say..I command you, LIGHT, leave my den..NOW...!

 But as we all know..the early morning light will not be chased easily...it's playful...filled with expectation.
It calls you..beckons you...says,open your eyes you earthling..this is the day..this is the day that will never return..!
Not ONE but many rays of light now filled the bears den...and all together they decided to have a ball !
In the dusty den millions of little light particles danced and whirled..and when the bear carefully opened ONE eye..he was almost blinded by all of the sparkles and glitter..

The first word which then sprung to his mind was...


 And after months and months of sleep....the bear jumped up, grinned, clapped his paws and made his fur shake..He was awake...

 The bear was back...



Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh dear Mozes, it is so good to see you again! You have had a very long nap, indeed!
This is such a beautiful story, dear Dutchess! It warmed my heart, and filled my soul.
Thank you dear friend.
Penny and Bebe

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am healed.

This story dearest Dutchess, reminds me of long ago, when "With Love from the Hilltop" first entered my life. The stories, the festive parties by Gustave, the adventures of Miss M. and her entourage....and yes, all the creatures have been slumbering here at the Hilltop, but hibernation season is OVER. The bear has arose, as this special place that I love with all my heart.

The sunrise of my smile has risen this very moment. Your storytelling skills are peppered with magic, and I am so happy to be here. OH THE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Nita

^.^ said...

... this is the most beautiful blog I read in a long time ... so good for the soul ... please don't be a stranger ... hello from Alberta, Canada ... Love, cat.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What an amazing writer you are dear Dutchess! You have indeed brought a huge smile to my face this morning. So glad I am here reading your stories.


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