Its A....( .Chapter two. )

Mountains can be high...rivers wide...and a road may be winding and long ...The bear knew..
 Softly the sun filters its early morning light through fresh green leaves.
Spring is promising..and the bear starts his journey..
At first..he is just standing there..letting the sun warm his old bones..The road ahead would be difficult.. The bear knew...

 Days became nights, and nights became days again..
The bear sometimes rested under a sheltering starry sky.. Every new day the sun accompanied him..getting stronger..days grew longer..and the bear was now feeling younger..than he was..

 There he stood...on a hilltop covered with pine trees....catching a gust of wind in his nose..smelling a familiar scent..of straw..wildflowers..shadow of Oak ..
- Summer has arrived..whispered the bear.
 The caresses of the breeze tickled his fur, and the bear sighed.. The Bear knew..he was almost there..

 Meanwhile...on a different Hilltop, a mouse was wandering.. A mouse wearing a straw hat..A Mouse on a summer stroll..
 She had been climbing the Hilltop and now paused for a while under the big old oak tree, midst the wildflowers, to catch her breath..

 The sun stood high..there was a soft breeze..
 -Aah,  sighed the mousse..The summer wind..!
 The wind took with him the smell of shade from Pine trees.....and..what was that.. something in the air was....was very familiar..
 -I know that smell..said Miss Moussie..and of course she knew..she always knows everything.
.-Its...its...and there Miss Moussie stopped..threw her straw hat in the air and jumped for joy before she called out...

 ........IT's A BEAR...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

and jumping in the air to catch the yellow straw hat, the Tea Rat squealed with surprised to see his beloved friend dance in the wind, like a daffodil, waving her glory.

An unlikely but perfect pair, a mouse and a bear have awakened The Hilltop in perfect splendor, and have awakened the residents of Rabbit Hill on this windy but perfect summer day.

Dearest Dutchess, your stories move me, make me smile, give me happiness.

I am so happy to see you here at this place where I could play until my mother calls me in from an all-day playtime with my friends. You make me young again....

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I LOVE this sweet story! Thank you so much for giving me a smile.
So good to see Miss Moussie out and about...
love to you
Penny and Bebe

light maker said...

It is awesome !!!

Marqueta G. said...

Dear Dutchess,

Thank you for coming to visit my humble cottage. :) Miss Moussie has captured the essence of summer in her exuberance!

Love to you,


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How lucky I am to be reading about Miss Moussie! Your writing brings me such joy and youthful thoughts of being a child again.
What a Blessing you are to me


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