Waiting..(Chapter 4)

The hours to come would later proof to be more than magical..they would be epic…!
 This, our Dutchess and Miss Moussie didn’t know yet…but, now, dear reader and friend, YOU know..so hold on to this book and read on..

After  Miss Moussie  did catch her breath she was able to tell The Dutchess what  she had just found on the Hilltop..

-A scent you say..really,  did I understand you correctly..you found something smelly..said the Dutchess  surprised..
- Yes..Squeaked Miss Moussie exited…LIKE BEAR..!

…The summer breeze hushed.. the birds paused in their  flight and song, and with the butterflies they fluttered by,  in slow motion..curious…listening.
The word BEAR changed the entire atmosphere in the garden ..it became very quiet..like…maybe like a quiet  before a storm..

-Is he..could it..can it be….really HIM, whispered the Dutchess ?
-I know its him,  squeaked Miss Moussie softly…there is no one that smelly. I mean…well, (and there she giggled).
-Then, my dear Miss M, we can expect him any minute now..!
-I believe we can dearest Dutchess..I believe we can…O my goodness…so many things to do so little time..I must assemble a  welcome home comity..

The stillness in the garden became now noticeable..even for the Dutchess and Miss Moussie in their enthusiasm … Clouds gathered.. the hot summer day changed  into a summer evening that wrapt itself around the Hilltop inhabitants like a  moist cloak…

-This heat is too heavy for a delicate creature like myself..squeaked Miss Moussie..I just can’t  think straight ..there’s  a fog  rising..
-In  your mind darling..?
-No, look…over the Pond and beyond……it looks very suspicious. One can never trust a fog !
-Heavens,Yes..it looks kind of greenish!  We better go inside dear…
 A storm is rising..

And so they did…a Dutchess and a Mousse. Together waiting for what was coming next…

At the Pond a strange fog waved over the white water lilies ..the surface of the water rippled. A green creature appeared. A frog in the fog…It was Gustave coming to check on the weather. But after a quick glance  he dived back into the water…heading for the deep…to be safe...

(picture by The Dutchess)


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I LOVE this story, dear Dutchess.
Thank you for the magical morning.
And what a beautiful pond photo!
blessings dear friend.
Penny and Bebe

Susan said...

You have me very curious about what is coming......can't wait to read the rest of this story!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AHHHHHHHHH! I am finally here! I just went over to visit you to tell you I took some wonderful photos, but HERE, HERE I find Penny AND Miss Moussie! You can always count on a mouse and her instincts, her sense of smell to tell whether the weather is going to deliver a friend, or foe? The plot thickens, and I'm here, all ears...this is SO great to see you back again! Never leave us dearest, never.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How exciting your story is making me want More!


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