Who was where, and where was what...(chapter 5)

…On the  Hilltop, at Hilltop Hall, in the Hilltop Hall living room, a Mouse and a Dutchess sit together, side by side, in a window nook viewing the misty garden. They look worried!

-I do hope all our friends have found shelter….. twittered Miss Moussie,  and I better stay with you dearest, in case something happens,  I mean..you being all alone in this big old Hilltop mansion..!
-Please do...answered the Dutchess …but I must say I do  like a good thunderstorm once in a while. It clears the air..…
-Yes…well…I don’t know twittered Miss Moussie …Maybe..some tea dear..to calm our nerves..?
-That’s a wonderful  idea. You stay put my sweet mouse…I will be back in jiffy..

The Dutchess left the living room, leaving Miss Moussie staring into the fog…it turned from green into a mysterious purple haze.

 The passage from the living room towards the kitchen was dark. It was a hallway filled with old ornaments,  and the walls were decorated with paintings from the Dutchess’s ancestors.
There was one with a Pirate…and one picturing a  lady in a wintry forest,in depth of field  with  next to her an owl sitting on a fence.
Quickly our Dutchess moved through the corridor..…the darkness didn't bother her…she knew every shadow and every sound..

But..did she really…?
Because,  then,  suddenly,  she heard something  ..softer then a whisper..more like someone breathing.. followed by a very clear  tinkling sound. Like a bell or  icicle’s moving in the wind..
Abruptly the Dutchess stopped ….she listened…who, or what was it that made this corridor into its hiding place....!
-Anybody there…she said in a calm tone of voice…and she repeated…ANYBODY ..answer me please…!
No answer was heard..…only the ticking of the clock…and THEN…the first  LOUD thunder accompanied by the BIGGEST lightning flash..immediately followed by  the most frightful twitters  uttered by Miss Moussie ……-There he is ..I saw him…there he is..!!

Now, DEAR READER AND FRIEND…I’m confused…who was where, and where was what… Anyhow…"THEY"are  HERE…


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

There are here, finally. Long awaited, much loved from across the ocean, they are here....wisdom and love. This is what the entire world needs any season of the year, but it is in the cold and darkness that we find our way, when we have the heart to look and go the journey. But this journey is so much better when you go with a friend.

OH DEAREST MISS MOUSSIE...you are BACK in the story-telling seat! This, and many other reasons, is why Tea Rat and Rattus love you so. MASTER STORYTELLER! We hope you will come again to Wit's End library and read to us, as we sit by our little fire, eat roasted chestnuts and listen the the twittering of your voice....

THANK YOU for coming back. I have missed you little mouse...BRAVO BRAVO!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I just had to come back for more. It is cold, icy and windy tonight and this was the perfect place to get WARM. WHO WHO WHO says the owl...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Reading all your chapters and leaving you comments on each one this morning has brought me a great deal of joy and happiness to my weekend.
Your amazing artist Dutchess and I am so delighted I came by today for now I am going to be looking so forward to the next chapter.
Happy Thanksgiving


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