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At last...

At last...squeaked Miss Moussie when she opened the kitchen door.....at last, my dear friend what took you so long..!
This long wait was almost  to much for my nerves..I missed you like crazy...and there she fell in the strong  furry arms of her beloved bear..And he..he lifted her up like a feather..and wirled her high up to the sky...like she was going to fly..

-Ooooo.. weeeeee.....squeaked Miss Moussie, completely forgetting that she was afraid of heights and was supposed to be squeaking something like.-.Ooooo nooo, put me down..I find height's not to be trusted..!
 But, Ooooo Weeeeeee was much better under the circumstances..I'm sure..

Our Dutchess was standing in the doorway..almost with tears in her eyes..look at those two,she whispered to herself..

At that moment completely unnoticed..a little figure entered the kitchen..it came running ...took a big leap..and jumped into the Dutchess her hair..

Now..I know  this creature..do you..?

..to be continued..


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh how I have missed Ms Moussie and her adventures. I must catch up with her because what joy she brings into my life.
When you come by my site it makes me so happy. I love hearing from you and your precious comment about Christi's wedding meant everything to me.
Enjoy your week. Know I am thinking of you

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH MY! Wait...is it Gustave? Or may Elivira? Those two are the only ones I know who can leap to your height!

I now have tears in my eyes to see these two, the dynamic duo of the Hilltop FINALLY come back....how tiny she is in his paws, the great and colossal MOZES!

My dear, I wait with baited breath to find out who this acrobatic creature is! teehhheeee

You know how happy I get when the Hilltop opens its doors?

carolina g. ticala said...

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la- rĂªverie said...

wonderful, your blog! Continue...

Munir said...

Very nice writing . Thank you for sharing,

Munir said...

Very nice writing . Thank you for sharing,


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