Interview with a Knit-wit...

Too complicated..to complicated..sighed the dutchess whilst studying her knitting pattern..It's not doable..not doable AT ALL...and her eyes dreamed of into the dancing flames of a softly crackling fire ...She was sitting next to the hearth in the kitchen ....The cold had settled in and winter was near..

Her thoughts drifted of to beloved friends...adventures of the past...stories untold....!

Do you  remember dear reader that we stopped right in the middle of an adventure ..a few years ago..!
You DO remember..! Great..!
Then maybe this would be a good moment in time to ask our dear Dutchess WHY it stopped..Let's ask some difficult questions..and maybe more..like..
                         -What happened-?
                -With whom..or with what..?
                -Was it in this world..or in outer space..?
            -Was it whimsical,witty,wonderful..

Please, dearest Dutchess, stop knitting..this is an interview..We need to know...
Like your most beloved friend asked a few days ago..are they coming back ?..Are you bringing them back..The stories about the Hilltop inhabitants..the adventures of our magnificent Miss Moussie and company..?

After a minute of silence that lasted for what seemed like an hour..the Dutchess answered....

-My dear readers and friends..It's so good to see you here..It was also overwhelming to read your many sweet letters in which you wanted to know how we were doing..I can tell you we are all fine..But it would be Impossible to pick up where we left.
It would be to complicated..like this knitting pattern. I am trying to unravel it...but it's a mystery to me..As were our many adventures ..I think we better start over..as from this very day......

Mind you,things have been very quiet..Miss Moussie is living very merrily in her Potting Shed.
Gustave has found a new pond...it's small but very deep....Who lives in the biggest tree you possibly can find ...There's Mr Mole...yes...what can I say about Mr Mole..He gets lost a lot..but we always find him..and last but not least..Sir Horatio Hog...he's still writing poetry..!
It's good to know you missed us..we missed you too..

Winter is coming...a time to gather by the fire..a time to be with friends ..and maybe a time to tell a story..better still..to wait for an adventure to reveal itself..who knows what will occur..arise..appear..!

You are so very welcome..

And this should have been..could have been the end of the interview ..but it wasn't..because a little voice from out of the cuckoo clock yelled...

                 -You forgot to mention ME-
          O yes, of course, said the Dutchess..
                         How could I forget YOU...!

THEN.. there was a big racket coming from the chimney...something came tumbling down?
It was WHO.....covered with soot..he almost landed in the fireplace..-So sorry- WHO uttered, flapping his enormous wings..I do apologise..it's not like I'm eavesdropping..I just lost my balance on the rooftop..I brought Miss Moussie with me..that is ..she was with me a moment ago..

-WHO...really..You were both on the rooftop...said our Dutchess worried..WHO,You of all birds must know Miss Moussie finds heights not to be trusted..and then there's the fire..
-I,m fine I'm fine.....twittered a squeaky voice suddenly from out of a tea cup..I'm OK....!
-Dearest...o my goodness, you landed in my tea...are you alright..?
-I am..but could you hand me over  your handkerchief..it's a bit wet..and let me suggest to put honey in your tea next time ..it's much to sugary..
Then a little mouse came climbing out of a cup..soaked in tea leaves and sticky with sugar on top..

Just when Miss Moussie wrapped herself in a with the initials T.D embroidered  handkerchief...a green THING jumped out of the cookie jar next to her..

-Would you like an imaginary cookie to go with your tea-..it croaked..!

-Gustave...what are you doin in my cookiejar..asked the Dutchess in surprise..
-Yes...that's what I like to know too..squeaked Miss Moussie...My guess is you were secretly listening in..

-Just came to fill the jar with imaginary cookies...croaked Gustave with a big grin..One  can never  have enough imaginary cookies..

Well...looks like our friends were very closeby when our Dutchess answered her questions !
I wonder why...

And look who we find entering the kitchen very quietly through the hole in the door...a Mole and a Hedgehog...to complete the Company..

Now...anything can happen...

T.D and Company


Maggie Ann said...

Hello! glad to see your post. I am sleepy and tired but had to read it.

Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Dear Dutchess,

Thank you for the update of our dear friends! I hope the knitting project and the story continue.



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear, dear Dutchess....as usual, only YOU can cause me to laugh and to cry at the same time; as my eyes climbed down the page, as if climbing down a ladder, I remembered. I remembered all the magic, and it has come back. I asked that question, didn't I.....and it was answered. You have been knitting; I have to, so to speak, but not with needles and yarn. I've been knitting a complicated tapestry of work and art, of young minds and an old teacher's need to learn new things. I've been knitting and unraveling my work, like my dear mother who would knit for hours and unravel the entire piece because she found a flaw early on in the piece. I've been doing that, and many times, I've wept wondering where did the magic go. Little did I know that I'm actually weaving the magic in my daily life, preparing it for the page, one day, for the photo, one day.

I am thrilled to find once again, this magic place that somehow, got lost in my path....I will be here faithfully, every time you light the wick of your imagination. XOXOX

^.^ said...

Just discovered this blog, friend D ... it reminded me of my dad and his never ending bed time stories for us kids ... smiles ... Love, cat.


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