The past and the PRESENT...

-There are Christmases and there are Christmases..but this one I am sure is going to stay in our heart and memory for ever...!-

That's what our Dutchess said to her beloved friends when they gathered and sat with her at the kitchen table together eating a lovely Christmas pudding..

-And how is that...asked Horatio Hog...because I can't help noticing that there are NO presents under the tree..
-Typical..mumbled Sir Mole...typical..!
- Just saying..defended Horatio himself..You know I am not the material kind of guy...
-Well....said Gustave..as he wiped his frog face with a napkin..well...there IS something IN the tree..This morning, when was hanging my imaginary cookies on the branches I noticed an envelope...in a bird-nest..!
-You did...responded Horatio...and he immediately jumped from his chair to go see...
-Tell me WHERE my dear frog friend -his voice now echoing from somewhere in  the Christmas tree !
- I see ..I ssssee it..uttered Mr Mole..its on the top bbranch...LOOK..!

Now...this took a lot of bravery from our dear Horatio..Not many Hedgehogs climb trees..!

Whilst climbing he got irritated -this always happens to him when things don't go his way, he starts doing things he doesn't want to do, but then does it anyway because he can 't stop himself from doing so -...so, soon he was in a very prickly state of mind and condition..which didn't help him either..He was getting stuck..and hanging there, wriggling somewhere half up the tree...like a Christmas ornament with spines..

Our Dutchess and Miss Moussie who witnessed this tree climbing attempted with hidden laughter came to action..this was not funny anymore..help was needed.

-Calm yourself my darling Horatio....said The Dutchess...you are ever so courage's to climb the tree..but please let me help you down..
Horatio was hanging absolutely still...he was waiting for his lady to rescue him..in his mind the words darling and courage's lingered...His trust in the Dutchess was admirable..
Our Dutchess patiently helped Horatio and tried to untangle him ...some of the Christmas lights followed Horatio down...
-O No...the lights...squeaked Miss Moussie..what was it you were saying dearest D..some Christmases will stay in your memory forever..well this one is going to stay in mine...Hahaa..Horatio as Christmas ornament..And our dear Mouse could't help laughing ..she laughed until tears ran from her eyes..down over her little cheeks and moussie whiskers..

Speaking about Memories..responded the Dutchess , after she gently sat Horatio back on his chair with lights and all...
Listen...Quiet down everyone for a minute..
She reached out to the top of the tree ...where indeed a bird-nest was holding a letter...and she took it out !  Then...very solemnly she opened it..and read what was said..

   Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today?
                      Today is a gift. That's why we call it a present.


You could hear a pin drop in the kitchen.
 The first sound came from Mr Mole..it was a sigh..followed by another one..
 -I am ssso relieved, he stuttered...- What you just read is so important....and that's why we all needed to gather...
-Yes..Who needs a present when you have the present...said Who..who had been sitting in silence near the fireplace.
-And especially when this PRESENT is like amazing..twittered Miss Moussie..look at us..together..sharing this moment !
Horatio uttered a giggle..somewhat awkward...but he looked very enlightened..like he understood the message..
-And what wonderful memories did we make in all those -present- times which are now in the past...said the Dutchess..:)
-We did.?..mumbled Mr Mole puzzled to himself.....-he had to think twice before he understood this sentence. -..YES, of-course we did...didn't we...and he smiled from ear to ear..-Remember when we together walked the Jiffy trail..!-
-And  don't  forget the Bookworms...said Miss Moussie..some Christmases ago..
-And not to mention The Snow patrol my dearest Mouse ..said the Dutchess.
You had me worried that particular Christmas..I still dream about it..
-One of my fondest memories is where I was hugged by an entire alphabet...croaked Gustave..they called me a Frug...hahaaa..and they were dangerous..!

It was very cosy and warm in the little kitchen of the Dutchess..our Hilltop inhabitants were having a jolly good time sharing stories.. Then Horatio suddenly mentioned Mozes...and how he had missed him and how happy he was when Mozes came back..and where was Mozes now..like in this very minute...?

Closer than you think..said our Dutchess..I believe someone is waiting to enter...

And there the Kitchen door opened wide...to reveal....a bear in a Santa Suite !
Well...can this story get any better..

The Cuckoo clock chimed Merry Christmas...Merry Christmas...and I totally agree...a Merry Christmas to you my dear reader and friend !

                             And may this story be..a present from me...xxx

With love



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My heart is glad in the present, right now, at 10am Minnesota time, USA, on December 25, 2018. To hear the music, to see Miss Moussie as she always was and always will be. I am savoring this moment as I find her to be the same kind and adventurous, wise and beautiful Miss M. with whom I fell in love, many years ago. Dearest ones, HAPPY CHRISTMAS 2018 and may 2019 bring more friends from Nowhere, Hilltop and the imagination of one of the kindess Dutchesses I've ever known.

Mapi said...

Oh wat mooi weer .....


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