It was the middle of the night..a lovely clear spring night...the garden looked enchanted in the light of many stars shining bright..Not a leave was stirring..there was no wind.The night air was filled with the smell of sweet Lilacs and Lillie's.

The Dutchess was about to go to bed ,when,just before closing her bedroom curtains, she saw a shadow ..The shadow stood under the Lilac bush and it made a funny noise...The Dutchess tried to get a better look but unfortunately her dress...still hanging there in the bushes, blocked her view. Then she understood what was responsible for the shadow...the DRESS made the shadow...but dresses don't go and make strange noises in the middle of the night now do they..?
THERE..A light went on..a light behind the dress...this was interesting...now the dress looked like a little theatre where any moment now the curtain could go up..but still there was this funny noise...it sounded like something was boiling or simmering on a crackling fire....Now the light behind the dress became very intense..and, O my goodness..there was smoke coming out of the sleeves...The Dutchess flung her window open wide and yelled ..'Everybody ...wake up wake up ...FIRE FIRE.....',and then ran down the stairs into the garden..

Within seconds all the little woodland creatures were in a state of panic...
Miss Moussie came running ....in her hands a glass of water...she was in her night gown squeaking 'where, where...?'
Mr C popt out from a hole in the ground carrying a handbook..a manual for "what to do in case of fire..."
There was Sir Horatio....he was just running hither and thither not knowing where to run first..
Elvira came jumping from her nest in the chestnut tree...in her arm the first aid kit..
Beau had stormed out of the cuckoo clock...screaming..'Out of my way, out of my way...I'll save the Lilac bush...'He was followed by Bell who chimed with an alarm bell ..'...FIRE FIRE in the Lilacs..everybody, where is Gustave....?'
-O My goodness..twittered Miss Moussie...still holding her glass of water...'we lost Gustave..he must be behind this dress..caught in the fire..'

Then...thank heavens...Mozes appeared....pulling behind him the garden hose.
-Stand clear, he shouted ...its going to be wet...and with a big fountain of water..he was able to put the fire out....

-Shall I ggo and ttake a look behind the curtain..eh I mmean dress.....to see what happened there.....stammered Mr C...
-I'll go said Horatio .....and he was about to lift up the dress WHEN......Gustave crawled out from under it...followed by the letters of the alfabeth who spelled...SOAKED..

-GUSTAVE...there you are..we were ever so worried..squeaked Miss Moussie with a squeak of relieve...are you oke..do you need a sip of water..

Gustave stood there..dripping wet...
-No thank you..he said..I'm fine...but I'm afraid the pies aren't...look there they go..
There..our garden troupe saw ..drifting down a stream, which created by the water from the hose...three..four..five ..pies...sailing down the garden path...

-O my goodness Gustave, said the Dutches..I believe I must apologise...I thought there was a fire..
-I was just baking you all some pies ...for the grand opening ....said Gustave..and he had to clear his throat...
Now everybody looked devastated...sure..they were very relieved nothing had happened to Gustave but then again something DID happen to Gustave..so what to do next..

-I will help you bake dearest Gustave..and you can use my kitchen, said the Dutchess...we will start bright and early tomorrow..
-I'll help too,twittered Miss Moussie..I am very good in times of crisis..
-We wwill all help..stammered Mr C..I will read the recipe's..aloud..
-And I will bring all the nuts you need, said Elvira..I have a big pile stashed away..

After they had calmed down, and plans were made for the next day..all the little creatures returned to there nests...PHEW...all is well what ends well..but this story continuous ..so don't miss the grand finale..

In a few day Gustave WILL open his restaurant and you are all kindly invited..


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Wonderful story dear Dutchess!

Jeri Landers said...

Oh my, you had my heart going all a pitter-patter in suspense! Thank goodness it was just the pies a-baking. But it is good to know, that in an emergency, there are so many helping hands at the ready!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ohhhh....a fire....dearest Gustave, your friends are so valuable to you! In a pinch, they all came to your rescue and you SHALL PREVAIL! YOUR RESTAURANT WILL OPEN! And we will be the first to come and sit and try EVERYTHING! In the end, the friendships will endure and these kindnesses will not go unforgotten! BEST OF LUCK TO ALL!

Lovely drawing dearest, as always! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH NON! I just wrote my comment and it got eaten up! I will be back later as I am wondering if my school computer is experiencing difficulties..hang on Gustave! And bravo to all the creatures at Hilltop for their bravery and comradery!!! Anita

Jacqueline said...

Oh the suspense of it all...Gretta took a bite of the apple, and another bite, picked up the carrots and ate 7...oh the suspense of the fire behind the dress!
It has left poor Gretta totally spent and tired. She loves a good soap opera to sink her teeth into.
Good job Dear Dutch...You have a way with words that is better than eating turnips at twelve!


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